Drupal: Songbook modul

The Songbook module is a Drupal 7/8/9/10 contrib module.

Drupal 9 moduel is under constructon.

You can show a Chordpro format file. The syntax of chordpro is here.

Drupal 7 version: fz_songbook-7.x-1.4.zip, fz_songbook-7.x-1.4.tar.gz

Install module

  • Download it and copy into folder where are the other contribute modules.
  • Enable in the admin/modules
  • admin/config/content/formats/full_htm enable the checkbox of FZ songbook filter.
  • Check the content filter in admin/config/content/formats/

If the taxonomy module is installed the installer makes a new taxonomy vocabulary named fz_songbook_vocabulary

Using Module

admin/config/fz/fz_songbook  - You can change the default formats of songbook text. The default settings are similar the settings of Windows version. The default settings are in the fz_songbook.css file.

When make a new page you can use the syntax:


In this case the filepath is a songbook file, tipically its extension is .pro. The path is relative from the public file system of Drupal.

(Later maybe i will change)



Chord pro format text / and chords áre here...


In this case between the open and close "tag" will the songbook format txt....