Songbook Compiler

This little PHP program compiles the pure text file for example from site to LinkeSoft Chordpro format.

The program reads the given text file with parameter from directory and

  • Make header tags,
    • The title and subtitle from first non empty line where between the artist and title is a hyphen.
    • The others (tempo, time, key, musicpath, tag, ... ) with default values
  • Search and insert TABS
  • Search parts of song for example refrain, verse, bridge, intro, outro makes it a comment section
  • Search chord signs above the text and insert them in the right place into the text. The chords are major, minor, septim,

Using it:

run it from command line:

php %~dp0index.php %1 "%CD%" %3 %4 %5 %6

- %1 - text file

It makes a backup from original text file after save the modified file with the same name.

You can download from here: